16–18 October
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Artshow Preview 2018 - Medium - Pencil (6 works)

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Dirty Work

Height 25cm x Width 25cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Other

© Kaye Bellis (1)

NRN# 000-37745-0143-01

Exhibit# 11

Sybill By Sasha

Height 42cm x Width 29cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Other

© Alexandra Carlton (1)

NRN# 000-40404-0134-01

Exhibit# 305


Height 46cm x Width 38cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Streetscape

© Christine Davis (2)

NRN# 000-39673-0140-01

Exhibit# 53

Reflection Of A Nice Soup

Height 36cm x Width 56cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Still Life

© Cliff Macalpine (2)

NRN# 000-2063-0189-01

Exhibit# 144

Reflections Of A Fig (with Issues)

Height 29cm x Width 36cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Cliff Macalpine (2)

NRN# 000-2063-0187-01

Exhibit# 145

Blue Lake

Height 55cm x Width 75cm

Pencil on Paper

Genre: Landscape

© Chris Pittard (1)

NRN# 000-39831-0135-01

Exhibit# 202


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